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Friday, December 13, 2013

Did you know that Sigmund Freud suggested the placement of Adolf Hitler when he was 6 ?

In 1895 Sigmund Freud recommended that Adolf Hitler , who at that time was 6 years old, was admitted to a mental health institute .
 This all started when the doctor Hitler family , Dr. Eduard Bloch , he consulted Freud do with little Adolf , who suffered from frequent nightmares characterized by falling into black abysses and as night and persecutions in which it was captured and beaten to death wish , this was accompanied by inappropriate behavior.

However, Alois , Adolf 's father , rejected the advice of Freud. According to Marks, so decided to avoid any medical examination for clarification of the psychological and physical abuse endured by his son Adolf .
In its investigation Marks says: " He liked to humiliate his son. In a sign of rebellion , Adolf , then six, tried to escape from his house at night, jumping out a window. She undressed to go with less noise , but was hooked. His father heard him and brought him to the rest of the family to be laughed at. Adolf cried for three days , "according to Psyciencia.com
After publication of these findings , Marks and a writing group performed a play called " Dr Freud Will See You Now , Mr Hitler" ( Dr Freud will see you now , Mr. Hitler ), in exploring what could have happened if Klara , Adolf 's mother , had taken the train to Vienna.

Frequent cell phone use increases anxiety , says a study.

A study looked at the use of cell phones in 500 students and found that daily use of this is associated with increased anxiety, less happiness and lower grades

The study, which was conducted by Kent State University in Ohio , United States , determined quecuanto youth spend more time pending his cell , became more anxious , lowered their ratings and were less happy .

According to the authors , the low notes are directly related to anxiety , they find it much more difficult to concentrate on studies , using cell longer.
This anxiety increase for several reasons , such as feeling the pressure of having to be in constant touch with friends and not having some troubles lacapacidad disconnected due to emotional dependence on his cell phone .
In another study by the same researchers , earlier this year, identified unarelaciĆ³n between cell phone use and problems in cardiorespiratory fitness , as they reported La Tercera.
In Chile, a survey showed the degree of emotional dependence sussmartphones youth . 74% of respondents stated that their phone is off unless needed , 86 % sleep next to it and 61 % feel that something is missing when you do not have his cell phone nearby .

Making time for yourself

We all need a "break" a moment of pause to reconnect them with us .
Lost among the duties and responsibilities you can avoid spending time with yourself, but you should never leave behind your own independence and individuality.
If there are times that you just want to exploit , time to do something about it . We all have too many responsibilities and balance them properly can become very complicated.
But moments alone are very important and can help you recover lost energy after a tiring week.
Make an appointment with you : Organize your day , week or month using a calendar or your phone . Once you're done, a couple of hours away just for you and write it down. The important thing is that you see this quote with the same importance that a business meeting or an appointment with your doctor. Do not cancel it !
Go slow : The secret is patience . You have to start small so that you get used to this new hobby. If at first it's hard work to find an hour to be alone , at least 15 minutes away to distract and breathe. With a little time , you will become much easier aside more time for yourself .
Log out : The principal to get away from the outside world problem is that we have an infinite amount of distractions. Turn off your phone , tablet , computer, television and other distractions . If you want to take this time to yourself , you have to get rid of distractions. It'll cost you a job, but worth it.
Take a walk : When was the last time you went for a walk just for the pleasure ? You can see it as a way to do light exercise and as a way to get in touch with your thoughts. You do not have to think about anything specifically , the simple act of walking alone will help you to breathe and forget the stress .

Bad decision to marry only for love

It sounds strange, it sounds childish, that's not what we learned from fairy tales and love movies , but neither fits our beliefs about marriage , infatuation and the " happy ending " .

Does one not marry for love?
In some countries in East and Africa , marriages are arranged . Moreover, if one reviews the history , marriages in decades and centuries past have been agreements , religious, cultural , money , prestige, or even , some are designed in accordance with the astrological influences involved.
In the West?
Here works , in most cases, the romantic idea of meeting someone and Cupid the fleche . It is something like the " dream " of the prince and princess , and abounding in the mind of any single and unmarried. But the reality is different .
Susan Pease Gadoua a specialist in American marriage and divorce therapist , believes it is necessary to reflect on this ideal, because for her love can not be the main reason for joining a couple in marriage .
Author of books explaining how and rebuilding after divorce , has launched a real battle against the belief that love is " the reason " .
He argues that see only this view , means that one has resolved, at least , most of the vital needs of security , shelter , food ... Although , he also says that if one is to be concerned about the survival or economic security you can never find the man or woman of your dreams .
Your opinion column published it in writing in the Journal of American psychology , Psychology Today , where he shows how this romantic belief is outdated given the independence of women and the social acceptance of divorce . Because the opinion that although no see right admit, the interest in obtaining political and financial benefits have also been targeted in the West have led people to marry .
"I think our idea that love is the impulse that marriage has made to weaken the institution, because love is a changing emotion. When love fades marriage becomes unstable and stops when the romance , the marriage die , "writes Susan Pease Gadoua .
For this reason, concern aims to highlight the importance of people who marry , understand why love can not be the driving force leading to that decision.
To convince , lists other reasons , such as wanting to have children with a good partner and be a responsible parent , or, want to own financial security and the most humane thing says , is to want a good company.
On these actual and specific reasons , the therapist ensures that the joints will be more solvent and stable over time , as the legal relationship or commitment is based on defined goals and expectations not devised in air castles .
"In addition , expectations of marriage and family are more realistic. The spouse is not expected to be ' the superesposo " . Simply a woman or a man , good enough , " he explains.
He warns , however , that does not say that love should not be on the list of "things" present in a relationship, but is emphatic in pointing out that it does not have to be number one .
other reasons
To the psychologist Carol Poblete Psychological Care Center Aliwen Reichian Psychotherapy Orientation , love goes beyond worldly interests that couples have in common and in this sense , the view that one is not smart if you marry for this reason or not.
Rather , he believes that if the love of family is not present, the everyday , decisions and solve problems differently, almost by " should be" or "what people say " .
" Marrying for whatever reason , it implies a commitment with you , with others and with the fruits of that commitment are the children , if they decide to have them. Although , there are couples that stay in a relationship for economic convenience is important to note that , in the absence of love, the passion of the first, will have consequences , "he says .
What are those consequences ? Infidelity , boredom, divorce.
For this reason , believes that self-love is essential to establish healthy relationships. Also, to put boundaries between one and the other and to make decisions when the relationship is not working as expected, or ultimately, when love , and took another turn .
So what should be checked or agreeing before making the decision of marriage? Said expert mainly when there is no pressure from any side to make .
" When you feel that person is going to do personally and as a couple , when they feel they are imperfect and as such will make mistakes and when they feel the love of the moment, will evolve and will have more meeting points that disagreements" he advises.
Poblete is that states that marriage can be the apex of the union of a couple but also implies the decrepitude of the relationship in either direction. Hence the importance of establishing common goals that are realistic .
"In doing so , they must maintain individuality and respect for the interests of each. But above all , they have to think about what they want to be and do as a human being , "explains Carol Poblete . That is, when each take charge and take responsibility for himself, as an individual and then relates , love , and understand the other you chose.
Why do not you just love?
The American therapist maintains his idea of overthrowing the romantic idea of marriage. These are the 4 key arguments :
1. Love is an emotion changing . As soon as you fall in love , you can lose love. Then the relationship ends or becomes toxic . If love is the main connection will be more likely that the union will end soon .
Two . Love is not a strong enough foundation. Yes, love is strong, but due to the fact that it can evaporate can not be the basis for a long-term relationship (especially when there are children involved ) . Any relationship built on love is subject only to ruin.
Three . Love is far from " everything you need." Mutual respect is necessary , share goals , be consistent in several areas make a relationship is sustainable and durable. People " falls in love with love," because they think it will take away , and is not.
April . The arguments are worth. Everyone wants to be loved and we love love. For the relationship is strong and healthy should have respect , shared goals , compatibility, love and attraction, but that part is optional.

Scientists are working to create a cloak of invisibility

Chinese scientists are trying to develop what would be the first " cloak of invisibility " of the world through technology to prevent the viewing of objects , today said the newspaper " South China Morning Post" .
The newspaper said the Chinese government has funded the work of about 40 teams of researchers during the past three years to develop this idea, so far limited to the world of fiction .

These experts are researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the China Academy of Sciences, saying that technology , in addition to military use , could also apply to larger fields.
Among the scientists who explore ways to achieve invisibility is developing materials that divert the light from the object you want to hide , by creating electromagnetic fields, and the development of materials for high-tech camouflage .
A team led by Professor Chen Hongsheng Zhejiang University ( this ) released last month , says the paper, a video in which a hexagonal artifact, similar panels formed by the glass, which diverted light to be displayed " disappear " a fish.
The same technology got the "invisibility" of a cat, the newspaper said .
Meanwhile , the optical engineer Yungui Ma , also from the University of Zhejiang , said he will soon announce a device that prevents an object is detected by heat sensors or metal.
The current device is the size of a matchbox , but its size can increase to allow infiltrate a gun through security checkpoints , says "South China Morning Post" .
Other applications might have this talent include allowing security officers or soldiers who are deployed at night can be detected. Or that this technology is applied " to fighter jets so they can evade missiles heat sensors . Well, we can work on that ," said Ma
According to the expert , but the invention of a " cloak of invisibility " is probably still decades achieved , the Chinese Government supports research since the theoretical knowledge gained may allow the development of other useful technologies.
Ma said China is now on par with other countries traditionally leaders in this field of research , such as the United States, and "I think we have about a 40 % chance to create the first layer of invisibility of the world."

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips for wedding dress fitting

Choose the right dress for the wedding is usually a complicated task as you will choose your dress from hundreds of designs and you must choose the right one for your body and your style. Remember that your wedding day be the star of the celebration, therefore you must look pretty and feel comfortable with the dress you wear.

Today we share with you some tips for you to try on the dresses when you can choose the one for you.
First you must be totally relaxed, remember that often we alter nerves and make us mistake when making decisions.

Many women recommend not wear makeup the day of the test to avoid staining clothing delicate fabrics and look more natural. But if you're accustomed to using makeup, it is recommended that the dress fitting to make her face washed, and different and you really did not like how you feel any design.

If you do not have heels you to use the wedding day wearing a pair that are similar, so you can try on the long dress properly.

Take a notebook and points the stores where you liked the dresses, so when you want to go back and buy the dress.