Aleksandra Muzika: Frequent cell phone use increases anxiety , says a study.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Frequent cell phone use increases anxiety , says a study.

A study looked at the use of cell phones in 500 students and found that daily use of this is associated with increased anxiety, less happiness and lower grades

The study, which was conducted by Kent State University in Ohio , United States , determined quecuanto youth spend more time pending his cell , became more anxious , lowered their ratings and were less happy .

According to the authors , the low notes are directly related to anxiety , they find it much more difficult to concentrate on studies , using cell longer.
This anxiety increase for several reasons , such as feeling the pressure of having to be in constant touch with friends and not having some troubles lacapacidad disconnected due to emotional dependence on his cell phone .
In another study by the same researchers , earlier this year, identified unarelaciĆ³n between cell phone use and problems in cardiorespiratory fitness , as they reported La Tercera.
In Chile, a survey showed the degree of emotional dependence sussmartphones youth . 74% of respondents stated that their phone is off unless needed , 86 % sleep next to it and 61 % feel that something is missing when you do not have his cell phone nearby .

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