Aleksandra Muzika: Scientists are working to create a cloak of invisibility

Friday, December 13, 2013

Scientists are working to create a cloak of invisibility

Chinese scientists are trying to develop what would be the first " cloak of invisibility " of the world through technology to prevent the viewing of objects , today said the newspaper " South China Morning Post" .
The newspaper said the Chinese government has funded the work of about 40 teams of researchers during the past three years to develop this idea, so far limited to the world of fiction .

These experts are researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the China Academy of Sciences, saying that technology , in addition to military use , could also apply to larger fields.
Among the scientists who explore ways to achieve invisibility is developing materials that divert the light from the object you want to hide , by creating electromagnetic fields, and the development of materials for high-tech camouflage .
A team led by Professor Chen Hongsheng Zhejiang University ( this ) released last month , says the paper, a video in which a hexagonal artifact, similar panels formed by the glass, which diverted light to be displayed " disappear " a fish.
The same technology got the "invisibility" of a cat, the newspaper said .
Meanwhile , the optical engineer Yungui Ma , also from the University of Zhejiang , said he will soon announce a device that prevents an object is detected by heat sensors or metal.
The current device is the size of a matchbox , but its size can increase to allow infiltrate a gun through security checkpoints , says "South China Morning Post" .
Other applications might have this talent include allowing security officers or soldiers who are deployed at night can be detected. Or that this technology is applied " to fighter jets so they can evade missiles heat sensors . Well, we can work on that ," said Ma
According to the expert , but the invention of a " cloak of invisibility " is probably still decades achieved , the Chinese Government supports research since the theoretical knowledge gained may allow the development of other useful technologies.
Ma said China is now on par with other countries traditionally leaders in this field of research , such as the United States, and "I think we have about a 40 % chance to create the first layer of invisibility of the world."

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